Individual Health Insurance

Healthone-Insure, LLC can provide you with a wide array of products and services from a variety of respected insurance and benefits providers. We obtain and evaluate proposals from all available carriers. We can introduce and educate you or your family on the benefits.

We are also proud to be marketplace certified. We are an insurance broker who can help you navigate the Marketplace and how to apply the correct tax credit to make sure you are in the best plan at the best cost without paying a penalty. Our agents go through yearly training as well as constant surveillance of the policies both federally and statewide that change in relation to health insurance.

Enrollment periods: There is a yearly enrollment period that you’ll need to pay attention to. It is possible you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, so check with an agent in our office to confirm this.

Job Loss: If you have recently lost your job you may qualify for a special enrollment period. Or we can offer short term health options to make sure you stay covered.

Services Offered


✔ Dental

✔ Health

✔ Life Insurance

✔ Accident Plans

✔ Indemnity Plans

✔ Long Term Care

✔ Short Term Medical

✔ Medicare

✔ Vision

✔ Critical Illness/Cancer

✔ TeleMedicine

✔ Travel Medical