Albert helped me find a plan with great coverage at a cost I could afford. Navigating through the health insurance marketplace can be confusing, time-consuming, and stressful. Albert shopped the market for me, provided me with multiple plans to choose from, took the time to discuss my options, and enrolled me in the best plan to suit my budget and my needs. Thank you, Albert and thank you, HealthOne-Insure!  
- Amanda S.


 Albert took the time to analyze our current insurance situation and was able to make some great recommendations. He helped me with my Medicare coverage and my wife’s health plan. Our insurance costs are now less, and we have much better coverage. I have known Albert for many years, and he is a person of high integrity, work ethics, and someone I can trust!  
- Saifuddin A.


 I was referred to Albert by my mon, who he helped with her Medicare. I needed to obtain new health insurance coverage due to a job change. Albert has gone above and beyond to get us the most affordable coverage that fits our budget. We highly recommend Albert and his knowledge of insurance. Thank you for all you continue to do for our family.  
- Christen R.


 Four years ago I was in a very real quandary as I searched for health insurance coverage for the four month gap between the lapse of my very expensive individual policy (which would not cover certain pre-existing conditions including knee problems due to the fact that I had had knee replacement prior to turning age 60 – who knew that would be an issue?!). I was about at my wit’s end when I stumbled upon, via Google, the HealthONE website. Quite desperate at this point, I made the phone call and was fortunate to have Albert Sosa answer the call. From the first words of assurance – and professionalism – that came from his mouth, I knew I had found someone who was able, willing, and WANTING to help me. He immediately calmed my anxiety and angst and started to work finding me the best immediate and gap coverage, as well as researching my information to help me make the best decisions concerning Medicare Supplement vs Advantage, Medicare Part D, and dental insurance. In the four years since that initial phone call, I have not only continued to place my confidence in him, but I have also recommended him to many of my ‘aging’ friends and they have all been equally pleased with his services. And although I have never met Albert personally, I consider him a very good ‘friend’. HealthONE is very fortunate to have Albert as a broker, the insurance industry is very fortunate to have his professionalism, expertise and compassion, and I am very fortunate that he answered that phone call four years ago!  
- Virginia S.